Thank You For Completing Your MindsetXchange Investor Application

What's To Expect Next Post This Application Process...

Above is a video designed to share with you what to expect post the MindsetXchange application process which you’ve just completed. Please allow Mindset up to 10 business days, post completion of your application, to review your information.

Not all early stage investors who apply for MindsetXchange are guaranteed access to the platform. The primary reason for default would include, but not limited to: individual accredited / non accredited investors, individual angel investors, entrepreneurial programs, startup competitions and/or lack of previous early stage investment history. Most Pre Seed, Seed and/or Series A focused funds / groups are permissible.

If You Are Approved For MindsetXchange:

  • If you are approved for MindsetXchange on or before the minimal 10 business day approval window, you will receive a congratulatory email from Mindset which will include:
    • Link to the MindsetXchange Investor Online Portal log in page.
    • Your private user name and password.
    • Instruction on how to get started with your MidnsetXchange experience once logged into the portal.
  • Your access to MindsetXchange will be completely free, there are no charges or fees to access your portal.
  • Feel free to share your log in credentials with other trust team members, or simply recommend those team members apply for their own access.

If You Are Not Approved For MindsetXchange:

  • If you are not approved for MindsetXchange on or before the minimal 10 business day approval window, you will receive an email from Mindset notifying you of your application status.
  • In most cases Mindset will provide instruction on how / why your application was not approved, and if applicable, how and what you must achieve prior to reapplying for MindsetXchange.
  • If there are factors which you are capable of improving on prior to reapplying, Mindset is happy to follow your progress over time. 

On behalf of all of us at Mindset Startup Academy..

We’d like to thank you again for taking the time to apply for this exciting resource. 

We look forward to working with you.

Mindset Admin Team

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