Your MindsetXchange Welcome Package

Accessing Your MindsetXchange Online Portal

Congratulations, your formal MindsetXchange journey is now ready to begin!

Above is a video designed to guide you through accessing your new customized MindsetXchange online portal, how to get started with your Live Investor Due Diligence Report, investor performance updates, and much more. 

Accessing Your Customized MindsetXchange Online Portal

  • You are now free to log in to your MindsetXchange Member Online Portal
  • A welcome email was recently sent to you which includes your private User Name and Password. Simply click the log in link within your welcome email, or you may click the link above to access the log in page.
  • Mindset has customized your online portal based upon the information you provided in your application process.
  • You may update this profile information at any time. 
  • Mindset recommends saving your log in URL as well as your log in credentials in a secure location. Should you ever forget your password, simply use the the ‘Forgot your password’ link found within the log in page to recover your password. 

Best Practices To Get Started On Your Journey Accessing Your Customized MindsetXchange Online Portal

  • When you first log in, Mindset recommends confirming / updating your Corporate Information and Current Capital Raise Info sections of your portal. This ensures MindsetXchange reflects the most accurate information to the Mindset Registered Investor Network.
  • Your next task would be to begin preparing your Investor Due Diligence (IDD) Report. Visit the IDD Instructions section to learn about the process of completing your IDD Report. Your IDD Report is seen by all Mindset Registered Investors, thus accurate and thoughtful responses within your IDD Report are highly recommended.
  • The IDD Report is rather comprehensive in nature, thus it may take you a few weeks and/or months to complete the process. And that’s ok, Mindset Registered Investors understand that this process may take time.
  • Mindset also highly recommends creating a systematic approach to Investor Performance Updates. Quarterly performance updates are the recommended minimal approach, however you may add as many performance updates as you like at any time.

Updating Your MindsetXchange Billing & Subscription

  • Prior to receiving this Welcome Package, you established your MindsetXchange monthly subscription via the checkout link.
  • Should you ever need to update your credit / debit card on file or cancel your subscription, you will simply visit the MindsetXchange Member Subscription Portal. 
  • Simply click the link above to visit the MindsetXchange Subscription Portal log in page.
  • Enter the email address you utilized when you established your MindsetXchange subscription.
  • Once you click send, look for an email from Stripe which will contain a private secure directly to your personal profile.
  • Within this Subscription Portal you may self manage your payment details, invoices, and your subscription.
  • You may also access the MindsetXchange Member Subscription Portal link by visiting the standard MindsetXchange Member Portal Log In Page (the same page you visit to log into your MindsetXchange profile). 

Welcome Aboard...

Congratulations on becoming our latest listed company on the MindsetXchange platform!

We look forward to your open and thoughtful participation within the community. We hope you enjoy.

Mindset Admin Team

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