Congratulations! You're Approved For Access To MindsetXchange

MindsetXchange Onboarding Video

Congratulations on becoming our latest approved listed company on MindsetXchange!

Above is a video designed to guide you through establishing your MindsetXchange monthly subscription fee process via Stripe. 

This is your final step before gaining access to your customized MindsetXchange online portal.

Completing Your MindsetXchange Monthly Subscription Invoice

or use this QR Code To Reach The Checkout Page
  • Now that you are officially approved to become a listed company on the MindsetXchange platform, your next step prior to gaining access to establish your MindsetXchange monthly subscription.
  • To establish your monthly subscription, simply click the link above to be taken our secure checkout page hosted by Stripe.
  • Once your monthly subscription has been established, Mindset will be immediately notified, and will email you your formal Welcome Package within 72 hours.
  • Your Welcome Package will include instruction on how to access your new customized MindsetXchange portal, as well as best practices to get started on your Mindset journey.
  • Your monthly fee for access to MindsetXchange is $29.99 (USD) per month, for as along as your company is listed on Mindsetxchange. 
  • MindsetXchange currently does not offer a free trial format for newly listed companies. All sales are final. Cancel at any time.
  • To cancel or update your card information at any time, your Welcome Package email will include instruction on how to access the Mindset Customer Payment Portal.

Post Completion Of Your MindsetXchange Monthly Subscription Invoice...

Mindset will email you your  Welcome Package Email to include detailed instruction on how to log into the MindsetXchange portal and begin your journey. 

Congratulations on becoming our latest listed company on the MindsetXchange platform!

Mindset Admin Team

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