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On behalf of all of us at Mindset, we’d like to extend to you a warm welcome and let you how excited we are that you’ve chosen to take this journey with us. Above is a Welcome Video from Mindset to get you acquainted with your integration into the MindsetXchange platform. In addition, we’ve provided you instructional highlights in regards to your first few steps.  We look forward to working with you. 


Verlin Gradney | Founder of Mindset

Congratulations On Becoming Our Newest MindsetXchange Listed Company!

Here Are A Few Instructional Highlights To Help Get You Plugged In.

Logging In

Within your Welcome Email where you found the link to this page, Mindset also included your private log in credentials (User Name & Password). The link listed below is your private log in page for the MindsetXchange Member Portal. You will also find this link within your Mindset Founders Online Community portal as well. Please ensure you hold onto this link and/or bookmark it within your browser for easy access. 

To get started, simply click the link below and enter your private log in credentials.

MindsetXchange Member Portal Log In page

Getting Started

Once inside the portal, Mindset recommends watching the first tutorial video found below as well as at the bottom of your Dashboard page entitled ‘How To Navigate Your MindsetXchange Online Portal’. This will provide you the basics.

Next, Mindset recommends watching the additional 3 tutorial videos found in the same locations which provide you a broad high level overview of all the key points.

After the tutorial videos, Mindset recommends the following:

– Visit the ‘Edit Your Corporate Profile’ section of your portal and ensure you’ve updated your Corporate Information as well as your Current Capital Raise Information. These areas come preloaded with the information you provided Mindset during your application process. Please ensure these two sections stay up to date at all times as this data is used to match you with Mindet’s growing audience of Mindset Registered Investors.

– Your final step is to then begin completing your MindsetXchange Live IDD Report. This may take some time for you to complete thus Mindset recommends implementing a study period each week which you and/or your team apply the necessary time needed to complete all IDD related tasks in order to complete your full investor profile. 

Key Timetables For Investors

Beginning in mid to late 2023, Mindset will be notifying our Mindset Registered Investor Network to log into their investor portals to view the IDD reports and performance of our listed companies. Mindset has chosen these notification times in order to allow our listed companies adequate time to complete their IDD reports, build out their corporate profiles and begin loading their first set(s) of Investor Performance Updates.

Remember, MindsetXchange is a platform where you get what you put into it. Thus, taking the time over the first few months to complete your IDD report to the best of your / team abilities is crucial to making the right first impression.

MindsetXchange Tutorial Videos

Here Are A Series Of Tutorial Videos Which You’ll Find At The Bottom Of Your Dashboard Page Within Your Portal. We’ve Listed Them Below As Well For Easy Access.

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How To Navigate Your MindsetXchange Online Portal

This video will provide you a high level overview how to navigate and utilize your MindsetXchange Online Portal. Learn to: Build your customized ITA Report, Utilize Your Live IDD Report, Update your corporate information, Update your capital raise information, How to utilize investor communications as well as watchlists.

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How To Complete Your Live IDD Report

This video will provide you a detailed overview on how to complete your Live IDD Report. Learn to: Complete all sections of our IDD Report, How to update / edit your report, How to complete your report slowly overtime and what to focus on first.

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Managing Your Investor Performance Updates

This video will provide you a detailed overview on how to enter, view and update your Investor Performance Reports. Learn to: Learn when and how to enter a performance report, Best practices, How to view your updates, How to edit your past updates.

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Providing IDD Report Access To Your Own Investor Network

This video will provide you a detailed overview on how to enter, edit and delete your own investor profiles within MindsetXchange. By creating your own investor profiles you are able to provide up to 10 (ten) investors / interested parties from your own network private and secure access to your Live Investor Due Diligence (IDD) Report. This access provides your network the ability to access a view only version of your IDD Report as well as follow along with all of your Investor Performance Updates.

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