Here Is A Brief Explanation of Our Eligibility Requirements As Well As The Application Process



Not all early stage investors who apply for the Fund Spotlight Interview Series are guaranteed a free interview. The primary reason for default would include, but not limited to: individual accredited / non accredited investors, individual angel investors, entrepreneurial programs, startup competitions and/or lack of previous early stage investment history. Most Pre Seed, Seed and/or Series A focused funds / groups are permissible.

Application Process

Post completion of the Fund Spotlight Interview Application shown below at the bottom of this page, please allow Mindset up to 10 business days to complete your application review process. Upon the submission of the application below, you will be automatically redirected to a new web page which will provide further details in regards to the application approval process and next steps.


Should you be approved for a Fund Spotlight Interview, there is no cost to you and/or team for completing the interview process. Upon conclusion of the post interview production process, Mindset gifts to you copies of all high quality HD video content produced by Mindset.


  • Timetable for Fund Spotlight Approval Process: Approximately 10 business days post completion / submission of your Fund Spotlight Interview Series Application below. 
  • Timetable to Complete Your Interview: Immediately upon approval, Mindset will email you your congratulatory interview package. This interview package will include: a detailed overview of the interview process, how to schedule your interview date / time, sample interview questions, and much more. Should you and/or a team member like to conduct a pre interview call to discuss the details of your interview, simply request an introductory call after receiving your congratulatory email and Mindset will provide you a calendar link to schedule your call. 
  • Timetable to Complete the Post Interview Production Process: Approximately 15 business days post the completion of your interview, Mindset will email you a link to download your 4k HD video interview content, as well as insights as to when and where your content will go live within the Mindset Founders Online Community. 

MindsetXchange Online Application

After You’ve Read The Application Process Above, Please Complete The Formal Application Shown Below.

Upon Completion Of This Form

Your will be redirected to a new webpage which includes a video instruction on what to expect next.

Thank you for taking the time to complete your Fund Spotlight Interview Series application. We look forward to working with you.

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