The Mindset Founders Online Community Working Together

The Mindset Founders ‘Your Investor Network’ platform is a unique and first of its kind community platform which allows each member of the community to enter investors they feel may be a match for them. As the platform builds, you are able to view investors entered by other members and add them to your own network if you feel the investor / fund is also a match for your particular needs. Together, the Mindset Founders Online Community maps the entire early stage investor community, leaving no stone unturned.

How to utilize The

Your Investor Network Platform

Below is an overview of how to utilize the ‘Your Investor Network’ platform, what to expect, and how to get the most out of this unique resource. Most successful capital rounds require soliciting hundreds of eligible investors or funds, and with the ‘Your Investor Network’ platform, the process of building out your ideal investor target audience just got whole lot easier.

The Basic Principles Of The ‘Your Investor Network’ Platform

  • Each Mindset Founder member may begin building their own network by entering investors / funds which are match for them according to their industry and stage.
  • The investors you add to your own network are visible to the rest of the community, however your information is anonymous.  
  • As the platform builds, members may view all investors in the platform entered by all members.
  • If you find an investor entered by another member which is a match for you, simply click a button to add that investor and all corresponding information to your own network.

Ways To Add Investors To Your Investor Network

Add Your Own Investor To Your Network

Complete the 'Add Your Own Investor' form to the best of your ability. Upon completion the investor's information will appear in your private network and will also appear in the community network. Only you and your team may view your private network, and your information is anonymous when viewed within the community network.


Add An Investor From The Community Network

Search the community network according to the following criteria: investor name, state, formal submission process, investor type, preferred investment stage, and preferred investor industry(s) focus. By working together, each member increases their probability of achieving their goals.


Utilize The Mindset Registered Investor Network

Each month, Mindset conducts an outreach program to the over 5,000+ early stage professional investor community. Investors / Funds who conduct a Mindset interview, or register for Mindsetxchange, are added to the Mindset Registered Investor Network.

Early Stage Investors / Funds Interviewed By Mindset

When an investor / fund is interviewed by Mindset for one of our many interview series, they complete an Investor Criteria Form. This intake process identifies many of the investor's primary investment related criteria.


Join MindsetXchange For Access To The Entire Mindset Registered Investor Network

MindsetXchange allows your corporate profile, IDD Report, and quarterly performance updates to be viewed by the entire Mindset Registered Investor Network.



To Gain Access To This Unique Resource

Apply For MindsetXchange Today

Build Your Professional Early Stage Investor Network Today & Allow the Mindset Registered Investor Network to track your qualitative and quantitative performance overtime.

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