Welcome To Mindset Founders Online Community

Mindset Founders Tutorial & Welcome Video

Above is a video designed to bring you to speed on how best to utilize your access to the Mindset Founders Online Community platform. We encourage all new members to watch this presentation to understand all that Mindset Founders has to offer as well as what to expect in the coming months.

Logging In To Mindset Founders

  • Upon completion of your Mindset Founders Registration Form, Mindset just sent you a Welcome Email.
  • Please check the spam / junk folders to find this message from Mindset.
  • Within this Welcome Email you will find your Mindset Founders Log In Link as well as your Mindset Founders User Name and Password.
  • Simply visit the My Profile section to update your log in credentials at any time. 
  • Once logged in, Mindset recommends visiting the ‘Your Profile’ section to update your profile information. This is used to curate information and investor networks which meet your needs.
  • Become familiar with our IDD Video Series. Here you’re learn from actual VCs the process of investor due diligence.
  • Stay tuned for our new video series ‘Fund Spotlight Interviews’. 
  • Watch for new content releases under the ‘Featured Content’ section of the platform.
  • And last but not least, we highly encourage you to become active in the ‘Your Investor Network’ section. Work with other members of the community to design your own Investor Network.

Apply For MindsetXchange Today!

Interested in sharing your knowledge and incremental progress to Mindset approved VCs and other professional early stage investors from across the U.S.?

Once logged into the Mindset Founders platform, visit the MindsetXchange section to learn and apply today.

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